The National Traffic System is the backbone of Amateur Radio traffic handling.  These nets run routinely, allowing us to refine our skills for the time when this system will be used to pass a variety of emergency traffic. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What does the Acronym “NTS” stand for?

NTS stands for “National Traffic System”.

2) What is the purpose of the National Traffic System?

It provides for rapid movement of traffic from origin to destination

It also allows us to practice handling written traffic and participating in directed nets.

3) How often does NTS operate?

Daily. Digital nets are pretty much “always on”, while phone and CW nets are scheduled.

4) Can local nets, like this one, become a part of NTS?


5) How would a local net become a part of NTS?

Nets or packet nodes (BBS's) operating within ARRL section boundaries, or otherwise at local or section level, may become a part of NTS by performing the functions of such.

6) What modes are used by the NTS?

Virtually all modes, including phone, CW, RTTY, AMTOR, packet, D-Star, and others.

7) What is the recommended form used for passing formal traffic over NTS nets?

ARRL Radiogram

8) How many net levels does NTS operate on?

Four – there are four distinct net levels for moving traffic from originator to recipient.

9) What are the four net levels?

Local Nets – nets like this one can participate in NTS.

Section Nets – usually a Section and state are the same thing. These nets are used to move traffic to and from local nets. There are usually nets to serve a variety of modes and are scheduled for set times to ensure all operators know when they can pass traffic in the desired mode.

Region Nets – usually these cover larger areas, like a call area. Normally section level participants will move traffic on these nets, relaying traffic passed to them via the Section Net.

Area Nets – area nets provide a means of moving traffic between areas. Special stations will move the traffic across area boundaries if necessary.

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